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Type: Creature, Unique

The Night Guest will only attack you during the night. He has a very large HP bar (which is purple instead of red and the arrow on the mini-map is black with a red outline, and is the only entity in the game to have this unique arrow), and as of now, his HP can't be reduced.

Once spawned onto the map, he will run straight at you and begin attacking you. If you are at any open location, standing within the large arcane symbol spawned in the map will provide protection against the Night Guest. You can also carry a torch with you, and the light will prevent him from attacking you (as long as it stays lit or is in your hand, except in rain); or you can run directly to the edge of the map, and when you reload the area he will be gone. However, he will very likely return again and again as long as it's still night so you'll have to keep a close eye on the mini-map and run as soon as you see the black arrow headed towards you. He can be trapped within a room and will not despawn until he is outside the range of your mini-map. 

Known Facts:

If the Night Guest is trapped and does not leave the range of your mini-map, he can continue to stay spawned throughout days and nights all the while running left and right trying to escape. 

  • The Night Guest is mentioned in the Scrolls: Inhabitants of the Plaguelands #9 & Legend of the Grim King #17. He is described as being immortal and it being impossible for a mortal to kill him, so he may not have loot or exp as after all his HP gets depleted. The player is no longer able to deal anymore damage to him.
  • Base damage: 20-257
  • Health: 9765 
  • Armor: Unknown at this time, however through extensive time spent with the companionship of Night Guest, it is estimated that his armor is so high that it reduces all damage from melee weapon to 16% - 50% of their original damage.
  • It is possible that weapon speed determines the amount of damage involved when attacking Night Guest.

(i.e. Club does 14 damage, reduced to 3 damage per hit when attacking Night Guest)

(i.e. Scimitar does 59 damage, reduced to 25 damage per hit when attacking Night Guest)

Research Notes:

  • Night Guests have 21 bars of HP, each bar is 465 HP

21 x 465 = 9765.

  • HP is based on reduced damage of [1]Club weapon at 3 damage per hit.
  • It took 155 Hits from a Club with 3 damage per hit to clear one HP bar of Night Guest

Additional Notes:

  • Apparently, by reading the Scrolls in the game, you can discover that the Night Guest is the adopted son of Aissa, otherwise known as "The Great Foster Mother". He apparently went through some sort of ritual to get revenge on the emperor and the priests, while getting immortality in the process. According to the scrolls he is male for those who are curious.
  • You can find his story as well as Aissa's in the Legend of the Grim King section, but to summarize, the younger twin brother of Emperor Ioann I went through a pagan ritual to get revenge on the emperor and the Harat priests that made an attempt on his life to try to prevent the witch Kayla's prophecy from coming true. The younger twin became the Grim King as a result of the ritual and began to conquer the tribes not yet submitted to the Empire's will, becoming a true threat to the Emperor and his people. He and his forces were eventually defeated, and a failed exorcism attempt by the priests resulted in the Grim King's power being split into small pieces, which eventually manifested into Night Guests and the curse of Lubenia.


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